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Welcome to Our New Site!

Welcome to our new site!

We are so excited to welcome you into our newly designed website. We hope to offer you an amazing experience where we can share our love for makeup.


We felt we wanted to bring everything into the one place so that our makeup lovers would be able to access all of our content more easily. In here we can talk about how to use our products, share our favorite looks and techniques and go over any questions that you might have regarding our makeup.


We hope that you enjoy discovering the new website and that you find it easy to navigate and pleasant to use. All of the information about our products has been organized by categories and by our latest collections – like our unique Back to Black and our newest addition, Brow Perfection!


It is our mission to provide the finishing touch of confidence that makes women feel beautiful at all times. Welcome to the Prestige lifestyle where we give woman the tools to be beautiful & confident.


Let us know what you think? What are your first impressions?

Hopefully you find the site easy to use, clean, and efficient. If you come across any problems let us know, we value your opinion and work hard to provide you with a smooth experience. Post your comments here.

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  • Posted hbpqiukika

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Posted Linda

    No matter what size sharpener opening I try, the color stick inside your KHOL eyeliner crumbles when I try to sharpen it. Any solutions to that problem would be appreciated.

  • Posted Sabina Momin

    Inquiring about my order#15962.
    Please get in touch with me ASAP as this is my second request.

  • Posted Ashley

    I placed an order well going on over a month now and never received my products. I have sent an email as well as a message on your facebook with no response!!! I will be contacting my bank to contest the charges!! Very disappointed as I have been using your product for years!!

  • Posted Pamela Gallagher

    How about creating a LIST option. Maybe Favorites or Liked so when it’s time to reorder it’s easy to go to my list and not have to search as much. Thanks for considering this!

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