total intensity

Our mission is to MAKE everyone... The life of the party... the leader of the pack... the star of the show...and the center of attention.

Get ready to Stand Out, to express yourself, look your best and have the confidence to make your dreams come true and shake the world.

The Total Intense Girl transcends the perfectly imperfect world that revolves around her. She stands out while fitting in, is wrong but right, is fierce yet fun, and above all else, always follows her instincts. She adapts to her surroundings like a chameleon, but never blends in. She lives to try new things, as long as she looks her best. 

Total Intensity is a brand that empowers you to show-off your originality and stand out from the main stream. Our girl will never go unnoticed – heads will turn when she arrives and her mark will remain long after she’s gone.

break the mold-total intensity