A touch of white liner brightens your eyes and makes them look bigger. A true statement that brings your look to a new level.

The liquid eyeliner in white gives you a unique take on your classic eye. An easy to pull-off look that goes with your unique self. Don't be afraid to change your routine with this amazing trick.

liquid liner popstar


White Eyeliner opens up your eyes. Apply it on the waterline or on your upper lid to give your eyes a special shine and call attention to them.

You can double up your lines by adding white on top of your black eyeliner giving your eyes a chic look.

Go ahead and try something different by creating an all white cat eye. You know you want the world to know your confident and secure ... plus a little bit makeup obsessed.



White Eyeliner can give some much fun for your day. Change your look, call attention to your eyes or even add a dash of white to your lips to enhance them. 

Add a touch of white on your inner part of the eye and smudge it with your finger to create a diffused glow in your eyes.